Subject: DVD player...
To: None <>
From: Charles M. Hannum <mycroft@MIT.EDU>
List: current-users
Date: 10/29/1999 11:10:09
I've just commited some code to emulate the Linux DVD ioctl(2)s, both
for native code and Linux executables.  With these changes, we can
more or less run the Linux builds of the LiViD DVD stuff.  (See

There are currently 3 caveats:

1) Linux implements a `FIBMAP' ioctl, which maps the current file
   pointer to a logical block number.  This is needed for reading the
   title key, because we don't currently know how to parse the .ifo
   file to find the title locations there.  We will need to do
   something with this to make the decryption engines work correctly.
   (Right now I've hard-coded block 600 in my copy, but that obviously
   isn't going to work for multi-title DVDs.)

2) The Linux mpeg2player seems to hang occasionally.  I'm not sure
   whether this is due to an emulation bug, or a bug in the original
   code.  (Unfortunately, Linux isn't talking to the sound card in the
   test machine, so it's difficult to test this.)

3) I've built the CSS tools natively and they work (with sys/cdrom.h
   changed to sys/dvdio.h).  I have not yet attempted to build the
   standalone AC3 decoder or the integrated player under NetBSD.  I
   expect the former to be easy, but the latter may be somewhat more
   difficult due to the use of pthreads.

All that said, I have successfully played parts of the movie Stargate
under NetBSD, with AC3 audio.

Shar and enjoy.