Subject: various ftp modifications...
To: None <>
From: Luke Mewburn <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/24/1999 22:53:43
i've been doing a lot of ftp modifications over the last month or so.

a summary of new features in ftp since NetBSD 1.4:

- added `usage command [...]'; displays the usage string for the given commands

- added `set [option value]'; sets option to value, or displays all supported
  options.  this allows you to change the following settings after ftp has
	option		env var equivalent
	------		--- --- ----------
	anonpass	$FTPANONPASS
	ftp_proxy	$ftp_proxy
	http_proxy	$http_proxy
	no_proxy	$no_proxy
	pager		$PAGER

- added `unset option', to unset an option

- added `rate', which provides transfer rate throttling, with the
  ability to change the rate on the fly with kill SIGUSR1/SIGUSR2.
  modem users could try
	rate all 3k 1k

- added `lpage'; display a local file through $PAGER

- added `pdir',`pls'; display a remote directory through $PAGER

- added `xferbuf'; set socket send/receive buffer size

- support `[user[:password]@]' in $http_proxy. this may not be
  compatible with lynx(1), but it's useful in any case ;-)

- allow the user to interrupt ftp(1) at various stages where prior
  implementations ignored SIGINT. This may result in connection
  termination in some circumstances, because the user may have
  interrupted ftp whilst it was reading the server's reply.

there's probably a bunch of other stuff.

ps; i may have broken something in the last commit. please let me know
if you find anything wrong.