Subject: cardbus insertion events lock machine?
To: None <,>
From: Rafal Boni <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/21/1999 23:05:05
	I'm running a -current kernel from 10/18 or so, (with the cardbus
	code) and the PCIBIOS patch of 10/17 on my laptop.  The CBB is a
	TI-1131, FWIW.

	When I boot with one (or both) of the slots empty, and the insert
	a card after the machine has come up, the machine (mostly) locks.
	I've got enough keyboard response to switch VTs and get into DDB,
	but no keyboard input ever makes it to my shell, the gettys on
	the other console screens, etc.

	ps/w in DDB shows cardslot0 and cardslot1 waiting on cardslotev
	and with the same address as normally (ie, in normal operation).

	Has anyone seen this??  I also just saw a panic removing a CB card
	that I had booted up with but wasn't configured (a 3C575B-TX, but
	I didn't have the ex at cardbus attachment compiled in at the time).
	I know detaching configured network devices won't work, but this one
	was unconfigured, so I figured I'd be safe... The panic was right at
	the start of pccbbintr(), but I don't have more details currently.


Rafal Boni