Subject: now you can detach wdc/aic pcmcia card.
To: None <>
From: enami tsugutomo <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/20/1999 17:42:42
Hi folks.

I believe that now you can detatch wdc/aic pcmcia card on most

The restriction (I know or I can imagine) is:

* the child device should be one of atapibus/scsibus/sd/cd/wd.  if you
  are using other devices, for example if you have st or uk, you lose.

* if scsictl/atactl is running, you may lose (as far as reading the
  code.  I should check this).

* of course if the deivce is opened with read/write and the card is
  removed without closing it, you may lose.

* getdents(2) doesn't retun failiure while it should be even if under
  lying deivce is revoked.  some block device I/O doesn't return
  failure or it hangs if I/O is active.

anyway, if you are digital camera user and you have compact flash card
and so on, this might help you.