Subject: Re: IPv6: interoperability ?
To: Darren Reed <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/17/1999 20:38:43
>Has anyone tested the IPv6 from KAME with other products ?

	KAME has attended many interop testing events and is one of
	most spec-conformingmplementation. 

>My first quandry is that at least one other vendor has the
>default prefix set to fe80:: rather than fe80:0001:: (NetBSD).
>Which is more correct for an isolated crossover cable where you
>don't care about other addresses ?

	The 4th byte is only for kernel internal use.  They will not appear
	on the wire.  This is a kind of messy but is necessary for scoped
	address support.  Other IPv6 stacks tries to GUESS outgoing interface,
	and KAME team believes that the guessing is the wrong way.
	See sys/netinet6/{TODO,IMPLEMENTATION}.

	The address with 4th byte filled in should be used on ifconfig
	(usually not necessayr) and manual routing table setup.
	For uersland programs like ping6, you should be using -I to specify
	outgoing interface.

>Oh, I also see IPv6 checksum errors (detected by the kernel).
>This is using a snapshot from September - pre Sep. 22 with 1.4K.

	Could you tell me more detail?  Packet dump and information
	on the originating node of the packet would be helpful.