Subject: Re: AnonCVS vs Sup2CVS
To: David Forbes <>
From: Andrew Gillham <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/16/1999 16:48:42
David Forbes writes:
> So I could use the AnonCVS system.  Advantages are, as I see it, that it
> sends down only the diffs for each file.  Disadvantages are that to, for
> example, create a patch I have to connect up, as there's no local
> repository.  Or for instance, if I wanted to whip out another clean copy
> of the tree to start some other work on, or to apply someone else's patch
> for something without interfering with my projects.

You could also just 'rsync' the entire CVS repository, then checkout from
that.  This would give you all of the commit logs, and the ability to
use diff locally without dialing up to the 'net.  Something like the
following ought to work:
rsync -avz --delete --stats rsync:// /blah/anoncvs

The '-a' option preserves everything about the files it can.  You might
want to adjust these.  If you are not running rsync as root, then it
doesn't preserve the uid or devices.  I imagine you could create a
'cvs' user/group that runs the rsync, and then you would be able to
do something like this from another machine:

cd /usr (or whatever)
cvs -d cvs@yourmachine:/blah/anoncvs/main co src

Now you'll have a "clean" (but with CVS directories) source tree
that you can do whatever with.  Note that pkgsrc and xsrc aren't
in the anoncvs repository.

How you deal with your local changes is still a problem, but at least
you can compare various NetBSD versions easily, etc.

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