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Date: 10/16/1999 06:55:01
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To whom it may concern;
We have thousand of trade informations and business trandsaction
tips on  web-site( called ecplaza.

a) What is ec plaza? is one of the best trade informations services 
   in the world to assist your business trading by providing with 
   varied and rich informations on clients, trade statictics,carge
   news,cyber-markets, the newest industries,etc. for trading circles to be
   to num their businesses.

b) what kinds of services do we provide you with?
    1)Ec directory services
	-Serching informations on customers and trading circles and world wide
    2)Ec market
	-sale /purchase offer and other business tips registeration/serching.
    3)Ec club
	-business news,employment tips,trade consulting, and so on.
    4)Business file
	-Internet site registernation related to trade like governments, some
bodies,and etc.
    5)Ec  news/informations
	-News of economics of world,export and import customs, posting, economic
related index, 
         trade stastics,carge tracking, and so on.
    6)Overseas offer search and inquiry e-mail service.

c) Worldwide appreciation
    1)Top-ranking site in trade bbs by hitbox, the united states.
	; business frame.html
    2)The unique site made in korea of "international business resources on
the www" recommended 
      by Michigan state university. 
    3)Top-ranking trade site in the world of Eceurope URL2trade directory
introduced by Eceurope & Biz europe
      ;( and recommended by Biz. europe award
    4)First class trade site of best import/export www board recommended by

d)State of applications
	. Number of visitors : over 120,000 persons/day
	. Number of inquiries : over 2000 cases / day
	. Number of offer : over 500 cases / day

If you have more question about our ad, Please ask us(
korea by email .

Thank you.				bt.