Subject: Re: ncr woes in -current (alpha) with cd-r
To: Sean Doran <>
From: Markus Kurek <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/11/1999 15:17:53
Sean Doran wrote:
> When I make the _2nd_ access to /dev/rcd0c  (see relevant config/dmesg below),
> the access hangs on wait channel scsipi or cdlck, and there is a console
> message:
> ncr0: SCSI phase error fixup: CCB already dequeued (0xfffffe000004c000)
> ncr0: timeout ccb=0xfffffe000004c000 (skip)
> The drive access lights go on solid, and no access to cd0 works.
> By not working, that means hanging or complaining about an i/o error.
> Sometimes I get a console message when an access hangs:
> ncr0: timeout ccb=0xfffffe000004d800 (skip)

Could this be relative to pr:i386/6856 ?
Every attempt to communicate with this "beast" resulted in a locked

With the newest firmware upgrade for the cd-recorder the problem is
But FreeBSD or even Linux had never a problem with this cd-recorder 
even with the older firmware.

Markus Kurek