Subject: Re: Hardware trouble question...
To: Harry W. Waddell <>
From: Herb Peyerl <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/08/1999 05:13:17
"Harry W. Waddell" <>  wrote:
 > > > Actually many seagate hawks that I've had the "stiction" problem work
 > > > quite reliably once they spin up. (e.g. running for months without
 > > > problems once they are spun up by "rotating" the drive sharply)
 > When all appears lost, try dropping the drive onto a carpeted floor from
 > increasing heights, until it unsticks.[ or gets destroyed]

Well, Seagate has a terrific warranty RMA procedure... I'm amazed at the
seagate drives I find lying around marked "Bad" but are still under warranty.
You basically go to the site, punch in the serial number and it tells you
whether it's still under warranty.  Then you print out the address label
they provide, and if you don't have a proper box, they'll even ship you an
empty one...  Recently I had a dead 2G disk that was still under warranty
and they shipped me a 4G to replace it with...

As far as I'm concerned, these guys rock!