Subject: Re: NetBSD - ready for prime-time fileserving?
To: Lou GLASSY <>
From: Neil A. Carson <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/07/1999 15:39:17

I run a network of Solaris, FreeBSD, NetBSD and Linux machines; all of
the NFS servers and clients have their own problems.

Linux is the only free OS that will allow effective use of both
processors and will do a respectable job of serving with the latest
knfsd stuff, however the filesystem recoverability is basically not
there so I wouldn't recommend this with any critical data at all. NetBSD
and FreeBSD will recover much better, even with the soft updatesstuff.
Also knfsd only serves v2, not v3. v3 servers on Linux kill NetBSD

FreeBSD and Linux will both make effective use of lots of RAM for disc
caching. If you want to run under high load, FreeBSD will do the best
job, BUT...

Solaris clients have problems with FreeBSD servers on v3 stuff. Linux
clients have occasional attribute problems with v2 and v3 BSD servers.
TCP NFS in BSD has problems.

The Linux client talking to *BSD servers has occasional problems.

To be honest, the whole NFS stuff is justa mess: If you have a solution
that works, I'd say stick with it. Just my tuppence worth.