Subject: List of files to remove after upgrade?
To: None <>
From: Rick Byers <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/06/1999 21:37:08
Do we keep any sort of list of files that are obsolete after an
upgrade?  (I.e. when stuff moves from /sbin to /usr/sbin etc..). 
Typically when I do an upgrade (and I don't have a spare drive or slice
handy), I remove /usr/src and extract a new one, but I simply overwrite
the binaries.  I think it would make sense to atleast have a file that
says what files are obsoleted by what NetBSD releases.  

It would be even better to have a file that says what date each file is
obsoleted.  Many people have run into problems updating -current and not
knowing to remove some previously installed files (I seem to recall a
problem a while back with /sbin/mount and /usr/sbin/mount or something
like that).

Anyway, I seem to recall seeing something somewhere that suggested what
files might need removing after and upgrade, but I can't remember where.


Rick Byers                       University of Waterloo, Computer