Subject: Re: coda ?
To: None <>
From: Phil Nelson <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/06/1999 15:29:08
>Last I asked any coda people what is going on there, I was more or
>less told "it isn't quite ready for prime time yet."

It is getting much better.  There are still some minor problems, but 
I find it quite usable under NetBSD.  I use it with i386 and arm 

>I've seen no changes to our source at least in some months, and I know
>I had mixed (at best) experiences with it last time I toyed with it.

This just means that the kernel interface is very stable.  There is a lot
of work being done with venus (the local client cache manager) and the
server.  (Along with all the variety of user space programs needed to
work with Coda.)  I read the changelog mail group for the user space
programs (which are not in the NetBSD tree) and there are checkins 
every week.  

It is still not a "click and watch" installation for either the server
or the client.  Also, I think pkgsrc is a couple of versions out of
date. But in all, I find coda very interesting!

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