Subject: RE: Directed broadcast via ifconfig?
To: Lindgren, Jon <>
From: Laine Stump <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/05/1999 13:42:27
At 09:09 AM 10/5/99 -0400, Lindgren, Jon wrote: 

> "My employer apologizes for their love of markup." 

(Assuming you're talking about the use of HTML in your mail message...)
Instead of apologizing for it, why don't they realize that it makes your
email nearly impossible to read, and stop using it! Even on my HTML-aware
reader, the type is so small that I can barely see it. (And I'm certainly
glad I'm not trying to read it on a plain-ol' ASCI (or even older
MIME-aware) client).

This is nothing against you or your company in particular, but it seems
that in the last 6 months or so this sort of email has raised itself from
the ranks of "very occasional and therfore bearable" to "commonplace and
very annoying", and your .sig's apparent admission of guilt triggered my
brain to say something about it.

Does anyone know of an anti-HTML-mail organization that exists, similar to
the anti-SPAM organizations (or the "anti-browser-specific-website" ones)?
If this isn't stopped before it becomes too accepted, those of us with
"normal" mail clients and/or bad eyesight will soon be marginalized and
unable to communicate with the rest of the world (although, now that I
think about it, that doesn't sound too bad... ;-) (BTW, no my eyesight
isn't that bad - but when displayed on my 1600x1200 monitor, the type is
about 3pt or something ridiculous like that)