Subject: Re: WWW kernel compile facility...
To: None <,>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/04/1999 14:51:40
In message <>, David
 Forbes writes:
>Is there anyone on this list who is able (or knows someone who would be
>able) to take this machine an give it an ethernet connection, at a
>reasonable cost?  At this stage I'm prepared to pay reasonable costs,
>personally, and meet all usage/security restrictions. (The machine has no
>software installed that it doesn't need.)

I could do that, I think.  Depends on amount of traffic, but it's reasonable.

>I'd appreciate any help/suggestions, particularly from people in the UK.

Tragically, I'm far away.  Hmm.  I'd be happy to put up mirrors of a script,
although I'd need to get a -current box other than my laptop up on the net,
I guess.

>PPS - I'd love to just run the site from some standard web server, like
>geocities, but let's face it, a NetBSD box has to do the compile, which
>means downloading and then uploading the results, which would take ages
>over a modem.

True enough.

Anyway, drop me a line, and I could look at this.  If you can get
cross-compile support done, I could probably put it on my existing alpha.