Subject: WWW kernel compile facility...
To: None <>
From: David Forbes <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/04/1999 20:46:26
...a couple of times in recent history one person or another has said:

"wouldn't it be cool to have a web site where you can fill in a form and
have a custom kernel built for you?"

It occured to me that it wouldn't be too difficult to arrange, so I
obtained a cheap second hand machine, negociated a permanent internet
connection and developed a simple perl script driven arrangement to do

All things being equal I would now like to be annoucing the URL, but I
can't because the organisation that promised me an internet connection has
pulled out.  So now I'm left with a 90% complete system running on a
machine for which I have no other purpose.

Is there anyone on this list who is able (or knows someone who would be
able) to take this machine an give it an ethernet connection, at a
reasonable cost?  At this stage I'm prepared to pay reasonable costs,
personally, and meet all usage/security restrictions. (The machine has no
software installed that it doesn't need.)

I would envisage that one of two things will happen:

	a) The service will be incredibly popular, and other
people/organisations with bigger/better resources will ask for copies of
the scripts.

	b) The service will sink without trace.

...either of which should happen within about 4-6 months.

I'd appreciate any help/suggestions, particularly from people in the UK.



PS - The machine will only compile i386 kernels at the moment, but since
I'm an arm32 person it'll be cross-compiling eventually, too...

PPS - I'd love to just run the site from some standard web server, like
geocities, but let's face it, a NetBSD box has to do the compile, which
means downloading and then uploading the results, which would take ages
over a modem.