Subject: CVSsing methodology
To: None <>
From: Adam Wight <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/27/1999 10:19:25
I wrote a ridiculous blurb (which follows) summarizing the information
posted recently.  Will someone please commit this to "Tracking
NetBSD-current with CVS"? BTW, rsync didn't work for me, possibly because
I'm on a dialup.

Still, though, I would like to see a nice way of mirroring only a small
area of the tree.  I can't believe that I'm the only person out there who
has to little time, disk space, processor power, and/or bandwidth to mirror
the entire repository, but still desires to do useful development on

It seems that making this functionality (even if through CTM) simple and
public would cause many more people to lend a hand, which is desirable,


Additional methods of synchronizing with the NetBSD CVS repository:


   Mirroring the CVS tree with FTP can take quite a bit of work since files
must be copied by hand, but it is an excellent way to initally retrieve a
tree. Entire directories can be downloaded by suffixing the directory name
with ".tar.gz". If you are restricted to FTP access, a list of newly
modified files is regularly posted to the current-users mailing list,
making transferring only the necessary files relatively simple.
   The CVS tree can be found at:


  Rsync can be found at:
(Insert your OS version and platform, of course.)

   Once it is installed, a line like the following can be used to
synchronize your CVS tree:
rsync -z --delete -r rsync:// NetBSD-CVS/


  CVSup is not yet supported, but will be pending the port of the language
in which it was written, Modula-III. CVSup is a descendant of SUP, and is
specifically designed for mirroring CVS repositories.  Even on dialup
connections, CVSup can check an entire tree for updates in several seconds.
Furthermore, only the differences between revisions are sent, reducing even
more drastically the required thoroughput.


  CTM allows users to receive patch collections by e-mail, and requires the
lowest bandwidth overhead of any synchronization method. Please make this