Subject: Re: A plea for CVS sanity...
To: Adam Wight <>
From: Laine Stump <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/25/1999 22:23:01
At 03:45 PM 9/25/99 -0700, Adam Wight wrote:
>Okay, I definitely missed something embarrassingly obvious, but I think I may
>still have a toe or two left uneaten... What barriers exist to a cvsup setup?
>I'll gladly port the client and server if this is an issue.

Hmmm, I guess you missed the, uh, "very heated discussion" on this subject
a couple months ago. Basically there is a group of people who are concerned
that non-i386 platforms would become alienated if the NetBSD project used
CVSup to distribute source, but CVSup wasn't supported on all platforms,
and believe that, due to it being written in Modula III, that it's unlikely
CVSup would be ported to (and if ported, unlikely that it would be
maintained for) all the supported NetBSD platforms. Therefore, it is
blasphemy, and must be forbidden ;-)

Now, if you're willing to make pkgsrc packages for CVSup *and* the Modula
III compiler that work on multiple NetBSD platforms, maybe they'll lighten
up a bit. (I personally think it would be "super neato cool" to have a
CVSup server - in the several weeks I've been using the anonCVS repository,
I've had loads of broken sessions and very slow update times, even though
I'm at the other end of a cable modem).

>Also, the existence of NetBSD-cvs/ should probably be in
>Currently the documentation recommends under "Tracking NetBSD-current with
>that the user grab a copy of the source tree, make a CVS repository out of
>it, SUP source changes, and then cvs import them.  If there is a way to SUP
>the cvs files directly, then it should be added to the documentation.

I noticed that awhile back too. Somebody with access really needs to at
least remove that whole topic, as it could easily lead a newcomer down the
wrong road (or discourage them from going down any road at all). Once it's
removed, it could be replaced with info about the anoncvs server, and what
modules exist there.