Subject: SS10 and NetBSD-current: Joy and Exultation!
To: None <,>
From: Mason Loring Bliss <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/25/1999 15:10:15

I'm not sure who to thank, as I'm not sure which bit has been fixed, but I
just now built a kernel for my SPARCstation 10 from sources cvs'd today,
and it booted! I'd previously been running 1.4D, which was the last snap-
shottish thing that could drive my cgsix. Now, happily, I'll be able to
start having this box bang away on -current builds.


I built without RASTERCONSOLE. I'll try a RASTERCONSOLE kernel after the
current userland build is done.

I saw the screen colour inversion (white text on black background) with this
kernel, but it swapped back to normal sometime just prior to my seeing a login

So, now I'm again tempted to get a bit of additional hardware for this beast
so I can use it as my primary workstation. If someone could recommend an sbus
video card that's supported by NetBSD and can be used with X and that doesn't
cost one arm and most of a leg, I'd be much obliged. (I might be getting
another SS10 soon, so I'll continue to have one running a cgsix for regression-
testing-like purposes.)

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