Subject: Re: PA-RISC box fire sale
To: Giles Lean <>
From: Michael Richardson <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/24/1999 05:50:40
>>>>> "Giles" == Giles Lean <> writes:
    Giles> On Thu, 23 Sep 1999 08:57:52 +0200  Jeroen Ruigrok/Asmodai wrote:

    >> I wish you luck, since HP isn't very forthcoming with technical
    >> information. [I am still struggling to get ahold of the J2970A NIC
    >> techdocs]

    Giles> Now that HP is encouraging the Linux port to PA-RISC technical
    Giles> documentation is becoming much easier to obtain.  The Puffin Group are
    Giles> putting the documentation they get up on their website so this is a
    Giles> good starting place:


    Giles> If there's something you need that isn't there, post about it.

  Also, the main parts of the Puffin Group are local to me, and associated
with my ISP, for which I'm the unofficial network architect...
  If you need to me to go beat on them for some info, or to try something,
please let me know.

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