Subject: Re: pppd not working with cisco routers?
To: Brett Lymn <>
From: Michael G. Schabert <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/24/1999 17:01:36
>        I am dialling in to a cisco router and after updating to
>-current as of about last Sunday I have noticed that my pap setup no
>longer works.  I am not sure why but when I dial in to the cisco
>router it no longer authenticates my session and kicks me off.  I have
>compiled up an older version of the pppd and I am able to connect with
>that on the same machine and the same ppp set up.  Sooooo what has
>happened?  I know that the pppd daemon was updated, I believe that
>this has broken my pap authentication - I have tried turning off all
>the compression negotiation that I could spot but to no avail.  FWIW
>the -current pppd works fine when I dial in to an annex terminal
>server, it just seems to be a problem with the cisco pap authentication.

Just throw noauth into your options file. The problem is that pppd changed
the default from being noauth to being auth, which means that your computer
was trying to force the Cisco to authenticate itself to your machine,
instead of just the reverse.

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