Subject: Re: daily CVS update output
To: John Darrow <>
From: Frederick Bruckman <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/23/1999 12:17:00
On Thu, 23 Sep 1999, John Darrow wrote:

> >Updating pkgsrc tree:
> >U pkgsrc/devel/kdevelop/pkgsrc/devel/Makefile
> >U pkgsrc/devel/kdevelop/pkgsrc/devel/autoconf/Makefile
> [ ... ]
> >U pkgsrc/devel/kdevelop/pkgsrc/lang/ucblogo/pkg/DESCR
> >U pkgsrc/devel/kdevelop/pkgsrc/lang/ucblogo/pkg/PLIST
> Anyone want to explain how we got two whole categories of pkgsrc
> stuffed into the kdevelop package?  :)

Not for me to say... (Wasn't me...)

> (I'd rather not have to sup this all down, especially to have it deleted
> in tomorrow's sup... here's hoping the refuse file works...)

For cvs, it's already fixed. If you had actually pulled it down during
the window, (as I did), you'd have to delete
pkgsrc/devel/kdevelop/pkgsrc manually, then edit out "pkgsrc" from
pkgsrc/devel/kdevelop/CVS/Entries. The supserver,, may
need similar attention in order for tomorrow's cvs scan to work.