Subject: 1.4.1 compile problems
To: None <>
From: paul yaskowski <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/19/1999 23:45:20

  this is a simple problem, albeit one that i do not know how to solve.
:)  i've edited the INSTALL to my hardware and renamed it to my
machine, and i also upgraded config to -current.  then, when i 'config
BLACKHOLE', i get this error:

vax# config BLACKHOLE
BLACKHOLE:95: cpu's cannot attach to mainbus's
BLACKHOLE:165: ln0: unknown device n'
*** Stop.

  i also try to 'config INSTALL', which is a config that came with
1.4.1, and i get this:

vax# config INSTALL
INSTALL:95: cpu's cannot attach to mainbus's
INSTALL:97: mem's cannot attach to mainbus's
INSTALL:100: uba's cannot attach to mainbus's
INSTALL:165: ln0: unknown device n'
*** Stop.

  apparently i missed something here, since 'config GENERIC' works
fine.  dmesg reports this:

cpu0 at mainbus0: KA41/42
ln0 at vsbus0 csr 0x200e0000 vec 120 ipl 14 maskbit 5
ln0: address 08:00:2b:11:12:92

  unless something is reported wrong, aren't i doing the correct thing? 
many thanks in advance.

"i hear digging, but i don't hear chopping!" -- homer