Subject: SS10 / -current problem - more details
To: None <,>
From: Mason Loring Bliss <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/19/1999 17:22:34
Hi, all.

I'm still trying to get my SPARCstation 10 up to -current. I can boot
successfully into 1.4D, and I've installed the 1.4D (19990620) snapshot,
but I can't get a -current kernel to work. I'm using sources CVSed on Friday.
My userland is still 1.4D, but I assume that the 1.4K kernel should deal
with that. (I don't want to try swapping in the 1.4K /sbin/init, because
then if I have to go back to the 1.4D kernel I assume I'll be hosed.)

Here's what happens with different options built in:

With the RASTERCONSOLE stuff set, I get a kernel panic once my cgsix is
looked at. 

Without RASTERCONSOLE, I get to where I believe it wants to load init, but 
the system then freezes hard, such that I have to power cycle it. (stop-a
doesn't do anything in this situation.)

In both cases the screen colours invert, leaving me with white text on a
black background.

Under 1.4D, the kernel sees the cgsix as follows:

cgsix0 at sbus0 slot 0 offset 0x0 level 9: SUNW,501-1481, 1152 x 900, rev 2 (console)

The GENERIC 19990620 kernel, for reference:

NetBSD 1.4D (GENERIC_SCSI3) #0: Thu Jun 17 22:33:09 MEST 1999

One thing that may be worthy of note is that my cgsix might be a little
toasty in a sense... With a text console, and OCCASIONALLY under X, I see
a line of what look like dashes across the top of the screen. This might
point to a bit of bad RAM on the cgsix or something, but it otherwise seems
to work fine both in text mode and X under both NetBSD 1.3.3 and 1.4D.

Thanks in advance for help. This box has nothing critical running on it, so
I can try just about anything on it, as needed. My only real goal is for it
to be running -current and X together, so I can use it to obsessively build
-current and to use as an X server when random folks drop by and need the use
of one.

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