Subject: Re: permiscuous mode on vr driver causes lots of (unwarranted)
To: None <>
From: Laine Stump <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/18/1999 20:26:15
I was able to test this with a Tulip card (tlp) on the same machine, and
the same problem doesn't occur, so it seems to be specific to the vr driver.

At 07:13 PM 9/18/99 -0400, Laine Stump wrote:
>I just happened to notice that when I run tcpdump on my -current system (as
>of about 4 days ago) with a DLink 10/100 ethernet ("vr" driver), it begins
>sending out icmp-redirects for packets that were never sent to it in the
>first place (ie, a packet is sent from ether host A to ether host B, but
>the -current machine at ether host C sends a redirect to A saying "hey,
>send that packet to B!"). I've verified with tcpdump running on another
>machine that no packets at all have the dest MAC address set to the
>ethernet on this machine, and that it stops sending the icmp redirects as
>soon as I exit from tcpdump (ie as soon as the ethernet is taken out of
>permiscuous mode). During the time this is happening, it is also
>retransmitting all the packets that *it thinks* were incorrectly sent to it.
>This doesn't appear to happen with the ne driver (although I'm unable to
>test exactly the same circumstances, since my ne card is 10mbit, while most
>of the rest of my network is 100mbit) using the same OS, nor with the old
>DE driver running on 1.3.3.
>Can other people see if the same thing happens with other cards. Should I
>file a PR now, or wait to see how broad ranging the problem is?