Subject: Re: /usr/obj questions...
To: None <>
From: Kimmo Suominen <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/18/1999 18:54:25
This sounds like you haven't run a complete "make cleandir" before creating
the obj directory.  I've run into problems like this often when "make obj"
was not run after "cvs update" and things got built without an obj directory
on one platform (you can also get complaints about wrong arch).

An easy cleanup is to mv the obj tree away and run "make cleandir".

Btw, I use /usr/obj/{pkgsrc,src,xsrc} for building each tree, with amd doing
the architecture switching.  Works well (the only oddity is xsrc, which is
constructed with "lndir" and you build X in /usr/obj/xsrc).

The best support for obj is in pkgsrc.  Creating missing obj directories in
src would be great.  Having the normal BSD build procedure available for
xsrc would be nice, but the current works ok (especially with the recent
changes in the top-level Makefile).

+ Kim (Mason Loring Bliss) writes:

| PS: How many folks do something like this? I just noticed that libc won't
| build with an obj directory present, whereas it will if the directory is
| not present. With obj in existence, it doesn't find nsparser.h, presumably
| because the build is physically happening in libc/obj, whereas nsparser.h
| is in libc/. What's the correct fix for this? (I'm WAY tired right now or
| it would probably be clearer to me. Again, thanks in advance.)
Kimmo Suominen