Subject: Re: xform 0881 ELF build?
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/16/1999 00:31:04
In message <>, Jim Wi
se writes:
>This manifests in a particularly non-obvious way in LyX, where the
>configure script fails to find libxforms (because the program it builds
>against libxforms fails to link), and happily tries to build LyX without
>- -lxforms...

Oh, dear.  And, to make it funnier, the machine I'm having trouble building
on is the machine on which the i386-ELF binary was built.

>You can work around this by having Mesa installed and adding -lGL to
>LIBS on line 2873 of LyX's configure script (after make patch, before
>make install), but I am still looking for a real solution -- I want my
>LyX back...

Well, I'll try that one, and thanks very much for pointing it out; I'm
probably going to upgrade my mom's laptop in a bit, and it would be wonderful
if I could include a newer LyX.