Subject: /usr/obj questions...
To: None <>
From: Mason Loring Bliss <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/16/1999 01:12:08
Hi, all.

I've finally got my Sun box running something somewhat -current (1.4D) so
my i386 and my SPARC can now share a source tree. So, I'm now using /usr/obj.

I'm wondering if there's any reasonable way to maintain /usr/obj through
source tree changes. Is it the case that to be safe I have to run "make obj"
on each machine after each source tree update? (And at that, I expect that
"legacy" directories will remain.) Or is there a more elegant way to keep
object directories up to date? Integrating it into the build, such that
each directory is checked for an object directory before a build happens in
it, would seem like a good way to do it. For all I know, this is implemented.
It wouldn't help the case where a directory is removed from the source tree,
but that's a minor problem that can be fixed by periodically nuking the obj
tree and re-running "make obj," which would still be nicer than having to
re-run it every time.

Thanks in advance for clues.

PS: How many folks do something like this? I just noticed that libc won't
build with an obj directory present, whereas it will if the directory is
not present. With obj in existence, it doesn't find nsparser.h, presumably
because the build is physically happening in libc/obj, whereas nsparser.h
is in libc/. What's the correct fix for this? (I'm WAY tired right now or
it would probably be clearer to me. Again, thanks in advance.)

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