Subject: ipcomp sa configuration
To: Laine Stump <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/07/1999 15:28:05
>In the meantime, I have a question about using the setkey utility to setup
>an SA for IP compression - can somebody provide me with an example of an
>"add" line for ipcomp that doesn't result in:
>	The result of line 4: Invalid argument.
>Here's what I've been trying:
>add any 0x10a54dcd -p ipcomp -C
>deflate -R;
>(that was all on one line, but my repulsive mailer has probably chopped it
>in two).

	spi field for IPComp SA needs to be smaller than 0x10000 with the
	current code, which may be too restrictive on -R case.
	I'll be fixing this soon.  Thanks for reporting.

>(Note that I don't really want the SPI used at all - I want the
>CPI for deflate (2) used, as the RFC specifies.)

	Do not specify -R then.