Subject: Re: [wscons] Switching off backlight of LCD ?
To: Perry E. Metzger <>
From: Matthias Drochner <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/05/1999 17:46:08
Just fyi: I've tried the "apm display off" and the
"turn off the VGA sync signals" (which is what
"Option power_saver" in xfree86 does) methods.

The "apm off" switches off the screen well, but it
seems to confuse the APM BIOS (on my Thinkpad).
The screen goes on automatically after some seconds,
and I observed problems with suspending after that -
the box kept running when the lid was closed.
(The latter happened from time to time without
an appearent reason too - perhaps this BIOS is not
worth much.)

The "sync off" had the side effect that the display
contents got messed up over time - I'd guess the
display RAM is not refreshed. This would mean that
the display contents would have to be saved before;
this would require more serious changes in the

"screenblank" already works with wscons btw. It looks
at wskbd and wsmouse, so it seems that it can work
only with X. Can a sun user confirm this?

best regards