Subject: building with crypto sources
To: None <>
From: Laine Stump <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/04/1999 12:03:06
I finally got what I think is a full set of sources from anonCVS (although
this is suspect, since the checkout of src-crypto-us was interrupted by an
outage, and I had to checkout the individual modules by hand, then do a cvs
update). Now I'm having trouble building.

Problem 1) Although I set DESTDIR=/usr/build (because I don't want to trash
my working system until I've seen it all build), "make build" dies very
early on because it can't find When I copy this file from
/usr/src/share/mk to /usr/share/mk, that problem goes away. This implies
that even when DESTDIR is set, the .mk files in the running system are
used, rather than what's in the current source - this seems bad. Is there
something I should be setting in addition to DESTDIR to eliminate this

2) After fixing (1), I run into this problem:

  cleandir ===> lib//libcrypto
  cd: can't cd to /usr/src/lib//libcrypto
  *** Error code 2

I'm assuming this is because I need to do some massaging to the files in
/usr/src/crypto-us to get make to fully use them. What is it? (yes,
/usr/src/crypto-us/lib/libcrypto does exist)

Or, is this all caused by the way I got the code? (failed co of
src-crypto-us, followed by separate co's of syssrc, gnusrc, crypto-us, etc.
- sorry I can't provide the exact names I used from the modules file right
now, as is once again unreachable, so I can't look at
the output of cvs co -c)