Subject: Re: IPv6/v4 host to IPv4 host strangeness
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/02/1999 14:24:54
>phil (IPv4/v6 host) has -current from the beginning of July (3rd ???) - just
>before the ELF change (I was afraid to break my running machine - but
>maybe indeed it is time now for the change ...).
>lookup file bind
>default, except the hosts: line
>hosts:          files dns
>               localhost
>    spade
>    phil
>(plus some other entries related to other hosts)
>BTW If I add to the line, the
>telnet " non-recoverable failure
>in name resolution" gose away and behaves exactly like telnet spade.

	I believe the "use of bogus IPv6 address" part of problem is already
	solved.  Please update to more recent code, especially src/lib/libc/net.

	Search order is still very tricky part.  telnet uses getaddrinfo(3),
	and getaddrinfo(3) calls gethostbyname2(3) twice to resolve
	"phil" to IPv6 and IPv4 addresses.  As a result, search order
	will be
		IPv6	-> not exist
		IPv6 -> exists
		IPv4 -> exists
		IPv4 -> not exist
	so, IPv6 wins over IPv4.  Actually, getaddrinfo(3) should use
	getipnodebyname(3) as its underlying function, however, it is not
	merged for avoiding too many non-BIND changes in resolver code.
	This was discussed in July 99 in tech-net or somewhere, I believe.