Subject: IPv6/v4 host to IPv4 host strangeness
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/01/1999 21:47:36

I have the following thing happen between almost -current systems.
One system (spade) is IPv4 only, the other is IPv6/v4 dual (phil).
The strange thing is when connecting from v6/v4 host to the v4 only
(I use telnet as example, ftp is exacly the same behaviour):

1st try:

phil# telnet spade
Trying 8d21:f101:3334:3030:3a37:3036:383a:3639...
# a timeout of about 2 mins happens here !!!
# and I have no idea where this IPv6 address comes from!
telnet: connect to address 8d21:f101:3334:3030:3a37:3036:383a:3639: Connection time
d out
Connected to spade.

and everything is fine - only I don't know whre the mystyrious IPv6 address
comes from and what this timeout means.

2nd try:

phil# telnet
telnet: non-recoverable failure in name resolution: Undefined error: 0

??? what does this mean?

3rd try:

phil# telnet
Connected to spade.

almost immediately and everything is fine.

DNS is fine (phil itself is NS for the IPv4 and IPv6 names - no reverse mapping
of IPv6 so far). phil is on IPv6 and the FQDNs for
IPv4 are resp.
resolv.conf on phil has "search"

Any ideas?