Subject: Re: wows!
To: Tamer Ziady <>
From: Frederick Bruckman <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/31/1999 04:18:10
On Tue, 31 Aug 1999, Tamer Ziady wrote:

> 	I am serviously having major problems with bins. They seam to
> be all over the place. Trying to install netatalk and it is the most recent
> build and gives errors No

Let me guess, you're running i386-current? The latest netatatalk
binary package is for 1.4, which would be an aout binary and libs.
i386-current has switched over to elf. Unfortunately, there's an open
PR on problems building netatalk under elf, therefore your only
option, under current, is to set up aout emulation.

Unfortunately again, there doesn't seem to be a compat_aout(8) man
page, nor is there yet a compat14 package. I expect, though, it should
be very similar to setting up compat_linux or compat_freebsd. So it
would go basically as follows: 1) Build and boot a kernel with
'options COMPAT_AOUT'. 2) Get the base.tgz set from the 1.4 (or 1.4.1)
distribution and extract the libs into /emul/aout/usr/lib, and ''
into /emul/aout/usr/libexec. 3) Install the package with 'pkg_add -p
/emul/aout/pkg ...' 4) Touch or create missing files as needed, most
likely /emul/aout/etc/, and perhaps others.

The binaries could really go anywhere, but since pkg_add will want to
install binaries and libs from the same base, (3) and (4) is perhaps
the cleanest way to do it, and then you would probably want to add
/emul/aout/pkg/bin to your path.

That's the theory, anyway...