Subject: Re: Suggestion for ftp site...
To: David Brownlee <>
From: Simon Burge <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/28/1999 12:10:01
David Brownlee wrote:

> Hmmm - the boot.fs.gz images are less of an issue, but it _would_
> be nice if someone could come up with a mod to ftpd that would
> automatically generate split sets on demand. That would save disk
> space and time for admin,s plus allow any file to have split
> sets as needed.

This should be able to be done without any changes to ftpd by using the
right conversion program, and putting something like:

	conversion all .sta df .notar /path/to/conv/program %s
	conversion all .stz df .notar /path/to/conv/program -z %s

in /etc/ftpd.conf, where /path/to/conv/program spits out what represents
a tar file (sta - Split TAr, stz - Split Tar gZip -- betters suffix
names accepted with glee!) and take a file or directory name as a
command line arg.  Writing this program is left as an excercise to
the reader, but would be simpler than changing ftpd :)  Since intimate
knowledge of the tar file format would need to be known, maybe tar (or
pax?) is the right place for this mod...

If this is incoherent, I know what I mean - ask again and I'll try
to clearer :-)