Subject: Late night music (ancient thread)
To: None <>
From: Michael G. Schabert <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/26/1999 10:55:50
Hi guys,
There was a thread quite awhile ago where someone (MLB?) said that there
was music coming from their PC's speaker & wondered if it was a BIOS
warning thing or something. I was just looking on DFI's website & saw that
they have a FAQ entry on just that feature in their motherboards. Here's
the URL:
Help, my computer is playing music, what's going on?

=46or 586ITBD, 586ITXD, 586ITOX, and newer DFI=AE based systems, see the
section below titled:  "Damage Free Intelligence (D.F.I.)".

=46or 686IPK based systems, see the section below titled: "Musical Warning".

<'s part of the 586>

The standard alarm/tune/music that they may hear is a variation on "Fur
Elise." Our production motherboards use this tune whereas
pre-production/prototype boards may use other sound chips.

There are three main sets of reasons that the alarm/tune is playing -
Processor, Heatsink/Fan and Power Supply related:

<'s part of the 686>

The 686IPK of course supports the Intel Pentium II processor. The Pentium
II processor comes in two packages: Boxed Processor and OEM Processor. The
Boxed Processor (BP) is the one that we always ship in our systems (we do
not use the OEM type). The BP type comes with a built-in heatsink and fan -
all from Intel's factory, whereas the OEM type does not and companies have
to select the right heatsink and fan separately. The BP's fan has 3 wires -
power, ground and fan signal. If the fan stops spinning, then the fan
signal/line will be asserted and our IPK will play a warning tune/music
through the small PC speaker. Yes, it plays music and this is not a virus.
So when customers say they hear sound/music from the IPK system, ask them
to check the processor fan.

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