Subject: Re: process (pid 1) recieved signal 11
To: Chris Ewert <>
From: Bill Sommerfeld <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/12/1999 23:30:49
> I installed the current snapshot of NetBSD-current (the only one under
> arch/i386) and found that when I replaced my base and kernal with the
> ones in the snapshot it gets a infinite loop and gives me the error in
> the subject at bootup (which seems to be init).  Has anyone else had
> this problem or found a cure for this?

I successfully installed the snapshot found in

on a system earlier today, and then re-build -current on it, so the
original bits seem to be OK.

"signal 11" is a segmentation violation (access to memory location
outside the address space of the process).  

I'd suspect that either your kernel or your userland binaries have
somehow become corrupted; try redownloading and reinstalling (and, as
someone else suggested, be sure to shut the system down cleanly after
the install.  Another possible cause is a hardware problem (e.g.,
flaky memory, etc.)..

					- Bill