Subject: Re: pciide changes & promise pciide support
To: None <>
From: Hal Murray <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/11/1999 21:41:55
I have Promise Ultra33 and Ultra66 cards off the ground.

Beware - at least on my systems, the old wd0 gets renumbered to wd2.  
That's on Compaq Deskpro Celeron boxes.

In hindsight, that's obvious from the old dmesg output - the "not 
configured" message for the Promise card is ahead of the stuff describing 
the boot disk. 

I haven't kicked the tires much.  I can at least read bits well enough 
to measure the throghput.

PS: If you try Robert Elz's Ultra66 additon, PCI_PRODUCT_PROMISE_ULTRA66 
will be undefined.  It needs to get added to pcidevs.h.  It's 0x4d38 
which you can get from the not-configured msg in your old dmesg output.