Subject: Re: searchable mailing lists/adding a system call
To: Bill Studenmund <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/09/1999 18:30:07
>>  (1) add an entry to syscalls.master
>>  (2) make "make init_sysent.c" in /usr/src/sys/kern
>>  (3) copy the new syscall.h and syscallargs.h headers from
>>      /usr/src/sys/sys to /usr/include/sys
>>  (4) add the syscall stub to /usr/src/lib/libc/sys/
>Assuming you're running your source, "make includes" will do this too.

well...yes.  but that'd "update" a lot of includes, and i just wanted
to update the essential ones.  you minimize the amount of
stuff that would actually have to be rebuilt.

<musing where=outloud>
it'd be kinda nice if the installer could check each file to see if it
had actually be updated before actually installing new copies and
stomping all over the modification times.  kinda like the way that
config builds the little opt_foo.h files for the kernel.  :)

>>  (5) add your syscall code to the "appropriate" file in
>>      /usr/src/sys/kern (would it go anywhere else?)
>>  (6) build and install a new kernel
>>  (7) reboot single user
>>  (8) build and install a new libc set
>>  (9) (re)boot multi-user
>> would be much better, imho, with more detailed notes on what each step
>> actually accomplishes.  for example, parts 7-9 can be re-arranged (or
>> skipped, in the case of booting single user) at the possible cost of
>> some stability.  no?
>They can be re-arranged. As long as you've installed no programs which use
>the new syscalls, you'll never notice they're there or not there. :-) *was* kinda nice to build a silly little program to use my
new system call and see it core before i rebooted but not core after i
rebooted.  :)

but maybe i'm just too much of a geek?

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