Subject: Re: Web load causes reboot
To: Frank van der Linden <>
From: Koos de Haan <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/04/1999 16:05:14

When i marked the rnd device out in the kernel and compile a new kernel the server seems to running stable.

I will do some further testing with more and longer load.

Thanks and regards,

Koos de Haan

Op 15:06 +0200 04-08-1999, Frank van der Linden schreef:

> Well, what do you know, I was away for 2 hours and in the meantime someone
> did come up with a backtrace and a reasonable analysis.. (see message
> below if you haven't seen it).
> Let me know if removing the rnd pseudo device from the kernel helps.
> - Frank
> ===============================================================================
> Subject: Re: Web load causes reboot                                             
> Date: Wed, 04 Aug 1999 08:03:09 -0400
> From: Bill Sommerfeld <>                      
> I just opened a PR on this.
> I *suspect* that the workaround for the "Web load causes reboot" is to
> turn off pseudo-device rnd.
> So, what's going on here is that rnd.c assumes that splsoftclock()  is
> like other splfoo() calls in that it masks off interrupts.
> This is not, in fact, the case.  It *enables* interrupts, and thus
> *un-protects* a chunk of code from interrupts.. in this case, against
> a recursive softnet() interrupt.
>                                         - Bill
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