Subject: XFree86 3.3.4 xsrc import
To: None <>
From: Bernd Ernesti <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/21/1999 19:42:34

I imported yesterday/today the new XFree86 version in our xsrc tree.

Matthias Scheler resolved the conflicts from the import and updated the
distrib xfile lists.
Thank you for doing the work, Matthias.

Matthias mentioned that there are two possible problem with this import:

1.) Atari
    Thomas Gerner's Atari changes caused lots of conflicts. I tried to
    resolv them without removing the Atari mouse support (again) but
    I'm not sure if I succeeded. So I've asked him to test it actually.

2.) Shark
    There were a few conflicts caused by the Shark X11 support. I'm
    quite sure that I got that right but I'll test it.

Btw, expect to see some small patches for xsrc in the next few days.
There is at the moment a problem with 'Rage LT Laptops' and the
Mach64 server and a few other problems.

The main changes for 3.3.4 are new drivers for:
- Matrox MGA 400
- Riva TNT 2
- Voodo 3
- Banshee
- Trio3D
- i740


P.S: This is the change list from -> 3.3.4:

XFree86 3.3.4 (13 July 1999)
1409. DG/ux support updates (Takis Psarogiannakopoulos).
1408. Attempt at making the a.out libraries built on FreeBSD/ELF suitable for
      2.2.x compatibility.
1407. Fix a bug occuring when multiple wacom devices don't report the 
      same valuators (#3009, Frederic Lepied).
1406. Fix printout label for probed PLL reference frequency in MGA driver
      (#2980, Harald Koenig).
1405. Fix a few slight glitches for OS/2 and update the docs (#2975,
      Holger Veit).
1404. Fix the acute and apostrophe mixup in the German xkb layout with the
      nodeadkey option, and add the EuroSign to AltGr+e (#3006, Markus Kuhn).
1403. Fix Cyber9525 support (Dirk Hohndel).
1402. Modify XF86_Mono, XF86_VGA16, XF86_SVGA and XF86_Mach64 servers to
      provide panel support on ATI LT, LT Pro, XL and XC chipsets. Update
      docs accordingly (#2961, Marc La France).
1401. Add Ultra Vanta PCI ID and update chip names in the NVIDIA
      driver. Fix a text ROP related bug. Remove accleration for 
      broken functionality in RGB 565 (#2956, David Schmenk).
1400. Add sync on green for Permedia 2 (Stefan Dirsch).
1399. Update manpages for 3.3.4 (#2941,2942 Takaaki Nomura,
      Matthieu Herrb).
1398. Fix the security fix for mkdir/chmod issue, fix a problem
      where umask isn't cleaned up (#2936, Bill Nottingham).
1397. Add support for two variants of the CyberBlade to trident
      driver (#2935, Alan Hourihane).
1396. Fix error in ati PCI detection introduced in change 1376
      (#2934, Matthieu Herrb).
1395. Fix Wacom PenPartner driver (Frederic Lepied).
1394. Update Banshee driver to version 1.02. Clean up debugging code,
      get it to work on Alpha and remove drawing errors; fix support
      for SDRAM boards (#2930,3000 Daryll Strauss).
1393. Update NetBSD, OpenBSD and mouse docs (#2925, Matthieu Herrb).
1392. Fix S3 server to support Aurora64 cards on CRT as well (#2923,
      Harald Koenig).

XFree86 (25 June 1999)
1391. Fix a lockup when the BitBlt engine times out on a HiQV chip
      (#2919, Thomas Mueller).
1390. Documentation updates.
1389. Integrate AceCad mouse protocol into the xf86misc extension
      (#2831, Jeff Anton).
1388. Add quite a few new cards to the Cards file (Dirk Hohndel).
1387. New Cyrix MediaGX code (#2916,2921 Richard Hecker, Brian Falardeau).
1386. Set the Rendition clock limit back to 170MHz as some boards can't
      do 203MHz (#2914, Dejan Ilic).
1385. Fix race condition in xinit (Nate Eldredge, Mark Montague).
1384. Integration of the mouse acceleration patch from
      Kevin Brown <> into XInput, wacom update to 
      alpha 5 public release: wheel support and baud rate change 
      capability (#2910. Frederic Lepied).
1383. Fix install rule for LinkKit (#2908, Thomas Mueller).
1382. Workaround for PC98 with multi PCI cards, resync PC98 Imakefiles
      (#2900, Takaaki Nomura).
1381. Fix for Rendition driver. Activate hw-cursor for V1k, increase max
      clock for V2K to 203MHz, update docs (#2897, Dejan Ilic).
1380. Add Cyber9525 and CyberBlade support to the trident driver
      (#2892, Alan Hourihane).
1379. Add Brasilian XKB keymaps (#2880, Wanderlei Antonio Cavassin,
      Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo).

XFree86 (17 June 1999)
1378. Fix red/blue problem in 3Dlabs server at 32bpp/no_accel
      (#2882, Stefan Drisch).
1377. Save and restore CR55 in the ViRGE driver (#2864, Harald Koenig).
1376. Fix the servers to only use the active card in a multi card machine 
      (#2885, Dejan Ilic, Dirk Hohndel).
1375. Don't use the G400 bios (we don't understand the format)
      (#2881, Mark Vojkovich).
1374. Add Dynapro touch screen support (#2868, David Woodhouse).
1373. Bump MAXSOCKS to 128 for NetBSD and OpenBSD (#2858, Matthieu Herrb
1372. Add Blade3D acceleration (#2855,2856, Alan Hourihane).
1371. Resyinc SuperProbe with the 3.9 branch, add detection of 
      ATI Rage XL & XC chips, minor xdm warning fix (#2848, Marc La France).
1370. Fix some problems in modes using more than 4 Meg and fix a desktop
      panning problem in 24bpp for G400 (#2845, Mark Vojkovich).
1369. Reinstate the check for the socket directory not being a symlink.
1368. Fix a problem with the Cyrillic `m' in some of the helvetica fonts
      (#2876, Pavel Roskin).

XFree86 (2 June 1999)
1367. Add ISO 8859-15 locale information (Dirk Hohndel).
1366. Add Permedia2 acceleration to the frame buffer server on PPC, fix
      some imstt accel problem (#2826, Sven Luther).
1365. Fixes for ROPs on SiS and some more code for 8MB cards (Bart Oldeman).
1364. Add Matrox G400 support (#2839, Mark Vojkovich).
1363. Update LynxOS docs (#2837, Thomas Mueller).
1362. Update Japanese Documentation and man pages (#2828, Taketoshi Sano,
      xjman project).
1361. Make button mapping work for AlwaysCore devices (#2822, 
      Frederic Lepied).
1360. Updates for AceCad Flair support, add to man page and sample config
      file (#2816, Fredrik Chabot).
1359. Back out change 1353 (#2825, Edward Wang).
1358. Possible support for the different PLL reference clock used for HP's
      on-board G200s.
1357. Fix a build problem with the Mach64 server (#2826 Sven Luther).

XFree86 (25 May 1999)
1356. Update docs and to reflect the planned 3.3.4 version number.
1355. Fix resize for OpenBSD (#2814, Matthieu Herrb).
1354. Fix typo in and add spc8110 to SVGA driver list in xf86site.def
      (#2806, Thomas Mueller).
1353. Add a new DGA-1.1 acceleration function: XF86DGAFillPolygon (#2804,
      Edward Wang).
1352. Update Elographics and MicroTouch drivers, add Calcomp DrawingBoard
      tablet driver, add a new comptaible keyword to the SummaSketch driver
      to enable compatible tablets to work, update wacom driver (#2801,
      Frederic Lepied, Patrick Lecoanet, Martin Kroeker).
1351. Add Trident Blade3D support (#2799, Alan Hourihane).
1350. Add Acecad flair support (#2790, Fredrik Chabot).
1349. Update Japanese Documentation and man pages (#2789, Taketoshi Sano,
      xjman project).
1348. Fix XF98_S3 server for S3 Vision864 (#2783, Isao Ohishi).
1347. Add acceleration to the XF68_FBDev server (#2776, Sven Luther).
1346. Fix asm codes so that the latest egcs builds the code again (#2773,
      Marc Espie).
1345. ANSI fix for RIVA driver (#2787, David Schmenk).
1344. Xkb data files for a Macintosh keyboard (#2798, Sven LUTHER).
1343. SiS driver updates (Alan Hourihane).
1342. Fix handling of xkbcomp's -I flag (Stanislav Meduna).
1341. Fix a server loop that can happen when VT switching while a grab is
      in progress (#2782, Edward Wang).
1340. Fix some spelling errors in Xlib.h (#2775, Itai Nahshon).
1339. Add missing '#include "compiler.h"' to some files in the i740 driver
      (David Dawes).
1338. Update Cards file (H.J. Lu, Dirk Hohndel).
1337. Restrict SiS driver to 4MB (Dirk Hohndel).

XFree86 (10 May 1999)
1336. Add support for the 3dfx Banshee and Voodoo3 (#2742, Daryll Strauss,
      Scott Bertin).
1335. Fix for screen corruption when using DGA acceleration and software 
      cursor, fix for bad frame-buffer bank size reported by DGA for
      glint server (#2739, Edward Wang).
1334. Fix the initial-erase feature for xterm (#2749,2761, Tom Dickey).
1333. Fix XF98_SVGA for DSTN-LCD using Cirrus chipset (#2741, Isao Ohishi).
1332. Trio3D support (#2762, Alok Ladsariya, Sebastian Kloska).
1331. Disable MIT-SHM in Xnest since it doesn't work (#2763, Wolfram Gloger).
1330. Add Elsa GLoria XXL to 3Dlabs driver (#2718, Alan Hourihane).
1329. Fix XF98_EGC server, fix XF98Setup with -egc option, update PC98 docs
      (#2723, Takaaki Nomura).
1328. Work around a bash bug in LynxOS 3.0.1 (#2714, Thomas Mueller).

XFree86 (24 April 1999)
1327. Fix typo in Russian keymap (#2703, Peter Novodvorsky).
1326. Add support for Trident 9397DVD (#2705, Bill Mair).
1325. Add SiS530/620 support to the server and SiS6326/530/620 support
      to SuperProbe (Xavier Ducoin, Dirk Hohndel).
1324. Fix a problem in X11.rules and fix an uninitialized structure in 
      XF86_Mouse.c (#2698, Matthieu Herrb).
1323. Add wsmouse protocol support for NetBSD 1.4 and update host.def
      in etc/bindist/NetBSD-x86 to use the Tcl/Tk package from /usr/pkg 
      (#2698, Matthieu Herrb).
1322. Add TNT2 support and add more acceleration for NVIDIA chipsets
      (#2697, David Schmenk, NVIDIA).
1321. Change xterm to use the tty default value for the backspace key
      (#2692, Tom Dickey).
1320. Fix typo in XF86Conf manpage (#2691, Itai Noahshon).
1319. Import a fix for destroying an Xt action hook procedure from within an
      invocation of the hook procedure from R6.4.

XFree86 (17 April 1999)
1318. Change the argv[0] setting that Xwrapper uses when execing the X server.
1317. Remove references to ru_SU in locale.alias (#2669, Aleksey Nowodworsky).
1316. Fix misuse of depth/bpp in glint driver (#2680, Huver Hu).
1315. Add VMWare patches for DGA 1.1 (#2684, VMWare).
1314. Add i740 driver (#2683, Kevin Martin, Precision Insight).
1313. Update 'ru' xkb symbols file (#2656, Aleksey Nowodworsky).
1312. Fix a problem with the ThinkingMousePS/2 protocol handling of left
      movement (#2392, Ian Remmler).
1311. Fix an ISO8859-5 support bug in Xlib (Nikolai Saoukh).
1310. Fix security problem with the creation of the /tmp/.X11-unix directory
      (#2607, Matthieu Herrb).
1309. Fix for linear addressing mode for the Cirrus 7543 (#2597,
      Samuel Guyer).
1308. Fix some build problems on Solaris 7/x86 (David Holland,
      Nicholas Brealey).
1307. Add Cards entry for Number Nine FX Reality 772 (#2556, Harald Koenig).
1306. Fix DoubleScan modes for the Permedia 2 (#2488, Michael Schimek).
1305. Fix for Millennium II hardware cursor-related loss of sync problem
      that shows up with some revs of the 3026 ramdac (Trey Boudreau).
1304. Fix a problem with xsm not acknowledging the SaveYourself message it
      sends clients with a SaveComplete message (#2425, Robert Bihlmeyer).
1303. Fix a namespace problem in the nv driver that shows up on LynxOS
      (#2368, Thomas Mueller).
1302. Fix a problem with the xkb dvorak layout (#2362, Tabman).
1301. Fix an xsm crash (NULL dereference) when a client sets an SM property
      list to a length of zero (#2361, Robert Bihlmeyer).
1300. Initial support for building the Japanese versions of XF86Setup as part
      of a normal build.