Subject: Re: dns search paths with KAME
To: Andy Doran <>
From: Ronald Khoo <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/19/1999 09:50:30
} > Well, strictly speaking, it won't help at all, as most of my
} > lookups succeed on the TLD lookup!  (e.g. for :-)
} Resolving and resolving the TLD (top level domain: uk)
} are two different things. Am I misunderstanding what you said?

Probably.  What I mean is something like this.  The search path is
use is
	.			<- this is the one I call the TLD lookup

Oh, I see.  Bleaugh.

I was confusing "Root level search lookup" with "Top level domain"
in my head.  So you probably did misunderstand me, and it was cos I
through my own fault misunderstood you.  Sorry :-(

I did actually sorta think that you meant just looking up TLDs themselves:

} > One could do it just for hosts without dots, but that seems
} > too much like a kludge to me.

And I felt that it would be a kludge, because it's perfectly reasonable to
be looking up TLD hosts within a private DNS. 

Anyway, I guess the horse is well and truly dead now.  I'll just flog
it once more for good luck: *Thwack* 

} ('Fionn' is a mythical Irish warrior. Pity it's such a cheesy machine :)

Ooo. maybe I can ask him to flog the dead horse for me -- I'm
weedier than your machine.  My mum is going to visit my sister
in Ireland next month.  Perhaps I can ask her to look Fionn up -- being
mythical, he's probably not dead yet :-)