Subject: Re: xsrc compile prob
To: None <>
From: John Darrow <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/30/1999 16:21:33
In article <> Patrick Welche wrote:

>cd xsrc
>make clean && make build

>making all in config/makedepend...
>make: don't know how to make ../../exports/include/X11/Xosdefs.h. Stop

>cd xc
>make World

>works - I think it regenerates the xmakefile that make build uses - but then
>you can make clean again, so supposedly the xmakefile that worked remains there
>but after a further make build the same error occurs. Anyone else see this?
>I am running csh..



I noticed this too.  The reason for this is that, if xc/xmakefile exists,
the base xsrc Makefile calls the World target in it instead of xc/Makefile,
causing the build to fail because of other missing Makefiles (which were
removed in the make clean step).

There does happen to exist an Everything target in xc/xmakefile which looks
like it's made for rebuilding over an already-built (and possibly cleaned)
tree.  Next time I do an xsrc built, I'll try modifying the base Makefile to
use this, and if it works, I'll send-pr the change.


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