Subject: Re: ISO images for the FTP site?
To: <>
From: Calvin Vette <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/29/1999 12:52:14
"Michael G. Schabert" wrote:

> Also, I believe that the original thread was mentioning creating CDs that
> were bootable on multiple platforms...a la
> >bootable on i386 but with binaries for at least a couple
> >different architectures, depending on what will fit. (i386, mac68k, sparc,
> >and alpha would seem to be the popular choices.)
> The average user (yes, I know, there's not many of them represented here)
> isn't interested in more than one system at a time. So the difference
> between the ISO image and what a user would typically download are off by a
> factor of four. Also, it's not much of a pain to download what's there now
> with the distrib sets, because it's put into very few files as it is. The
> biggest advantage to the ISO would be the bootability, but that's what
> sysinst is for.

What about putting a single-architecture bootable OS-install CD with binary
packages (all binary CD), and a source CD (all source)? This would be the
easiest for those who want to just to a quick install for their favorite
and not download irrelevant information. They can pick the CDs that are

Here's an icky thought - If download hiccups were an issue, we could split
the CD images into 10Mb chunks or so. If Server/Line contention is an issue,
it could be set up to limit connection time to say, 6 hours.