Subject: Re: ISO images for the FTP site?
To: None <>
From: Michael G. Schabert <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/29/1999 02:35:50
>>1) Folks are going to download that much anyway, just as seperate files.
>True, but if their connection goes down (as dial-ups do) they haven't
>lost that much. They can restart with the file that didn't complete. With
>an ISO image file that means starting all over again.  At 56k a full ISO
>image can take up to 72 hours to download, assuming your ISP can provide
>a pretty steady stream which many can't.

Umm, does not support ftp resume?

Also, I believe that the original thread was mentioning creating CDs that
were bootable on multiple platforms...a la

>bootable on i386 but with binaries for at least a couple
>different architectures, depending on what will fit. (i386, mac68k, sparc,
>and alpha would seem to be the popular choices.)

The average user (yes, I know, there's not many of them represented here)
isn't interested in more than one system at a time. So the difference
between the ISO image and what a user would typically download are off by a
factor of four. Also, it's not much of a pain to download what's there now
with the distrib sets, because it's put into very few files as it is. The
biggest advantage to the ISO would be the bootability, but that's what
sysinst is for.

>>2) This will make it dramatically easier for folks who want to either sell
>>NetBSD CDs or give them away or whatever.

I thought Bob already handled that part :).

BTW...has been down today? I've been able to telnet into
port 80 & get a response to bad commands, but I can't connect using a
browser. I tried with Netscape on my Mac as well as lynx on my BSD machine.

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