Subject: Re: curses strangeness, Cannot fork messages
To: Ross Harvey <>
From: Simon Burge <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/29/1999 11:37:37
Ross Harvey wrote:

> And actually, I do usually edit in 50-70 line xterms, in a virtual desktop.
> That actually makes this problem worse in a way, because if the file is
> less than 60 lines (and most of the admin files are) then I *can't* space
> forward or backwards, and if the file has been modified, I can't even quit
> and restart easily.

Well, I did find one way.  Type "1G", the press space until you get to
the end of the line.  Press "return", then do the same with the spaces.
Repeat until pressing "return" beeped and you were at the end of the

This still left out the last character of every line, but it was better
than nothing until I got the problem fixed :-)

Actually thinking about this, "Gz<cr>1G" where <cr> is return, would
have been much easier...

Oh well, the caffeine is starting to fade out and I'll get back to
normal soon.