Subject: Re: curses strangeness, Cannot fork messages
To: Brett Lymn <>
From: Gary Duzan <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/28/1999 22:21:34
In Message <199906290204.LAA06366@mallee.awadi> , (Brett Lymn) wrote:

=>According to Ross Harvey:
=>>That actually makes this problem worse in a way, because if the file is
=>>less than 60 lines (and most of the admin files are) then I *can't* space
=>>forward or backwards, and if the file has been modified, I can't even quit
=>>and restart easily.
=>Is true.  I don't think it makes sense to argue about what you could
=>and couldn't do to survive the lossage.  Both Simon and I managed to
=>spot the bug within an hour of each other (Simon got there first :-)
=>so the problem should now have gone away, modulo broken-ness of things
=>compiled between the two patches.

   So, to summarize, I take it that the latest change will allow old
curses binaries to function as expected?

					Gary D. Duzan