Subject: Re: Setting up a NIS realm
To: Aaron F Godfrey <fgodfrey+@CMU.EDU>
From: David Brownlee <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/27/1999 18:19:57
On Fri, 25 Jun 1999, Aaron F Godfrey wrote:

>     I am running all stock NetBSD 1.4 and I'm in the process of trying
> to put together a NetBSD/pmax lab using Personal DECstations using NIS
> as the authentication.
>     Everything had been going well until I tried to change my NIS password.  I
> created the nis realm by using ypinit -m <realm>, set the realm, and
> started ypserv, ypbind, and yppasswdd on the server and just ypbind on
> the clients.  Logins work fine on the clients, and yptest reports sane
> values.
>     My problem, however, is in changing passwords.  On either the
> clients or the server, when you do passwd and it says "Changing YP
> Password", it prompts for your old password and when you type it, it
> just says "Sorry."  I have no idea why.  yppasswdd is running on the

	It looks like the 'secure' default for the ypmaps is causing a
	Edit /var/yp/<domainname>/Makefile and uncomment the 'INSECURE?='
	line, touch /etc/master.passwd, and rerun make in /var/yp

	I don't have time to look into why the secure stuff is failing -
	could you submit a PR so it doesn't fall between the cracks?

> server.  I looked in all the yp man pages and the yppasswdd refers you
> to the man page for "securenet" and "ypserv.acl" (both in section 5)
> neither of which exist.  The man page for "yp" also mentions a "-a"
> option for ypserv, which the ypserv man page doesn't talk about and
> ypserv itself doesn't accept.  So, no matter what else is wrong, the man
> pages need fixing :)
	That should be easy to fixup - consider it done :)

>     Anyway, if anyone can give me any ideas, or an FAQ on how to set up
> a NIS realm where you can change your NIS password from the clients,
> that would be much appreciated!  Thanks!

	Hope the above helps!


	"Its just another ultimate battle of good against evil..."