Subject: Setting up a NIS realm
To: None <>
From: Aaron F Godfrey <fgodfrey+@CMU.EDU>
List: current-users
Date: 06/25/1999 12:54:01
    I am running all stock NetBSD 1.4 and I'm in the process of trying
to put together a NetBSD/pmax lab using Personal DECstations using NIS
as the authentication.
    Everything had been going well until I tried to change my NIS password.  I
created the nis realm by using ypinit -m <realm>, set the realm, and
started ypserv, ypbind, and yppasswdd on the server and just ypbind on
the clients.  Logins work fine on the clients, and yptest reports sane
    My problem, however, is in changing passwords.  On either the
clients or the server, when you do passwd and it says "Changing YP
Password", it prompts for your old password and when you type it, it
just says "Sorry."  I have no idea why.  yppasswdd is running on the
server.  I looked in all the yp man pages and the yppasswdd refers you
to the man page for "securenet" and "ypserv.acl" (both in section 5)
neither of which exist.  The man page for "yp" also mentions a "-a"
option for ypserv, which the ypserv man page doesn't talk about and
ypserv itself doesn't accept.  So, no matter what else is wrong, the man
pages need fixing :)
    Anyway, if anyone can give me any ideas, or an FAQ on how to set up
a NIS realm where you can change your NIS password from the clients,
that would be much appreciated!  Thanks!

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