Subject: Re: how to run xdm
To: Chan Yiu Wah <>
From: Mason Loring Bliss <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/25/1999 09:23:19
On Fri, Jun 25, 1999 at 08:43:20PM +0800, Chan Yiu Wah wrote:

> I had problem in using the xdm and the error is as followings.  I want the xdm
> as login and then start the kde after login.   Can anyone help ?  Thanks

With xdm, it's saying /dev/ttyE4 isn't configured.

Make sure the device file exists. If not, "cd /dev ; ./MAKEDEV wscons".
Next, make sure your kernel wants to do wscons.
Next, make sure "wscons=YES" in /etc/rc.conf.
Next, make sure /etc/wscons.conf exists. The relevant bits:

#screen	0	-	vt100
screen	1	-	vt100
screen	2	-	vt100
screen	3	-	vt100
screen	4	-	-
screen	5	-	vt100

You might need screen 0, but it's likely that that has been configured by
the kernel already. (If you like, try it with screen 0 uncommented. If you
see a "device busy" error from wscons, you can re-comment it. It won't hurt
anything either way.)

Good luck!

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