Subject: Re: Is the current more slowly?
To: None <>
From: HEO SeonMeyong <seirios@Matrix.IRI.Co.Jp>
List: current-users
Date: 06/18/1999 03:13:24

From: Manuel Bouyer <>
Message-ID: <>

> On Fri, Jun 18, 1999 at 02:13:33AM +0900, HEO SeonMeyong wrote:
> > 	I'm using IDE 10GBytes HDD.
> > 	Now I remember that NetBSD become slowly since I replaced HD
> > 	Drive.
> > 	Is there any problems to use over 2GBytes IDE Disks??
> Should not, but maybe you upgraded at this time ? The new disk uses a
> different DMA mode than the old one ?

	Ummm, I replaced from IBM DADA-26480 6GBytes Disk to IBM
	DCXA-210000 10GBytes Disk.
	I did not change kernel configuration parameter.
	Then I think new disk uses same DMA mode from old one.
	When I replaced HDD, all of the NetBSD file is re-installed but
	same snapshot(tarball). But I can not remember replaced system
	feel slowly.